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It was so simple to figure out how to improve my gut health, and now I know exactly what’s foods and supplements are right for me.

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Gut Health, It’s simple

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Test your gut bacteria

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Get Personalized Gut Health Packs

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About a year ago, I took antibiotics and became ill to the point of being hospitalized.

About two years ago I took antibiotics for a common cold, this resulted in being hospitalized due to a major gut infection. I had lost control of my health and that’s when I knew something had to change.

I started reading everything I could about Gut Health. In my search for a solution, I was left with more questions than answers. So I started Thryve to try and find the answers to better Gut Health. I hope you’ll join me on my journey.

Claire's Gut Health Journey

Our Scientific Advisors

Our Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts. We work with them closely on our product development, recommendation logic, and to stay on top of the latest research findings.

Allison Kumar.

Executive Regulatory Affairs Advisor and previously at FDA

Carolyn Splusky Ph.D.

UC Davis Food, Microbiome and Nutrition Professor

Mitesh Rao M.D., MHS

Chief Patient Safety Officer @ Stanford Healthcare

Tim Lu Ph.D. M.D.

Professor of Synthetic Biology at MIT and Co-founder of Tango Therapeutics

Jochen Kumm, Ph.D.

Stanford, Harvard, IBM, and Roche Computational Biologist

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