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94% off-the-shelf probiotics don't contain what's advertised on their nutrition labels.

Not ours.

Scientifically-backed Probiotics

Unrivaled high-strength formulation

Our 100B Colony Forming Units (CFU) probiotics and 15 strain formulation are 5-10x more potent than your off-the-shelf guys. Our strains have also been heavily researched to survive stomach acids and attach to intestinal cells for long-term relief.

Strains that attach to intestinal cells

Our patented and researched strains attach to the walls of the colon to block out foreign microbes for longer lasting benefits.

Vegan capsules to bypass stomach acids

Our probiotic capsule are made out of vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO casing called Hydroxy-propyl-methyl-cellulose that protects against stomach acid to ensure all the probiotics make it to your colon unscathed.

Trusted Quality & Transparency

Bottled for functionality

We use a more expensive glass amber bottle because it blocks out UV light and keeps out moisture for temperature homeostasis to preserve the probiotics in the shipping process.

Double tested for as advertised CFU

We double test our probiotics when manufactured and bottled to ensure our CFU counts are always as advertised and that no other microorganisms are found during the handling process.

Always shipped on ice

We deliver our probiotics on ice contained in a custom insulated box to keep our probiotic cells stable to preserve quality and sustain CFU counts.

Is This You?

I want to maintain a healthy weight

Probiotics and a balanced diet have shown to supercharge weight loss through metabolic burn, reducing appetite, and lowering fat storage for a leaner body mass.

I want to improve my fitness but don’t know where to start

Probiotics and a balanced diet have shown in studies to improve metabolism, lessen muscle fatigue, and improve muscle mass for optimal athletic performance.

I struggle to maintain clear and healthy skin

Studies have shown that probiotics and a balanced diet may alleviate skin irritation and blemishes to maintain that healthy glow

I want to improve digestion and metabolism

Probiotics and a balanced diet have shown to alleviate occasional gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, pressure, fullness, stuffed feelings, flatulence, & upset stomach for better digestion.

Focus is hard for me and I
tend to feel blue

Brain fog and feeling down have been associated with the microbiome. Studies have shown that individuals who take probiotics and eat a balanced diet generally had an improvement in their mood.

Extending quality of life is
important to me

Many long lasting health issues have been associated with gut bacteria. Probiotics plus a healthy microbiome have shown to naturally support immune function & longevity.

We've Got You Covered

Step 1:
Probiotics in the mail

Your first box contains a bottle of
Thryve probiotics that will last you for a whole month.

Step 2:
Convenience at your fingertips

Our $35 monthly subscription brings you high quality probiotics for around half the price of other brands without a trip to the store.

Step 3:
You’re in control

Start, skip, or stop at anytime. Our plans are flexible, non-commitment, and backed by our 14-day money back guarantee.

Test Your Gut Health for Personalized Recommendations

Explore the trillions of bacteria in your gut and receive scientifically–backed health, dietary, and supplement recommendations to improve areas in gastrointestinal function, weight management, mood issues, skin health, and overall fitness.


Exceptional Quality

We ship our probiotics on ice to preserve the
probiotic cells so you can take them as advertised.

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