Wellness Starts In The Gut

Our personalized gut health program removes the guesswork from feeling awesome.

Your Gut Is The Command Center Of Your Health

Science has shown that your gut houses trillions of bacteria, yeast, and viruses that influence our health in many ways. From the way we digest foods to how we feel. The saying "you are what you eat" couldn't be more true.  At Thryve, we figure out the best things for your gut to improve health & wellness.

How our Gut Health Program Works

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Check out what our #gutheros have to say

I started to focus on my gut health when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and Lupus in 2014. At this point, I had taken rounds of antibiotics and I was severely underweight and malnourished. I found Thryve a few months ago and have been using the probiotic with a gut balancing diet and I have already noticed a positive impact on my digestion!

- Elizabeth A.

When I delved into the gut microbiome testing world, I was skeptical. Cost, accuracy, usefulness were all on my mind. Thryve's testing and reporting process are beyond what I expected. Not only did I get the result displayed in an easy to read report, but I also received recommended recipes to improve my gut microbiome.

- Boomer A.

My first microbiome grade was 40 out of 100. After 3 months of taking the probiotic supplements, my microbiome grade increased to 80 out of 100. I'm amazed at how quickly my score improved. I have and will continue to highly recommend these probiotics.

- Shelly C.

Unlike other probitoics that are on the market, Thryve's are proved to survive the stomach acid. Thryve customer service has always been reachable and available to answer any of my questions.

- Cecilia M.

Understanding your genetic disposition and microbial makeup is the best approach to assessing which diet is best fit for you. It's great to see Thryve making this type of analysis possible and that they are aligning that with proper probiotics.

- Anna Z.

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The Science Behind Gut Health

At Thryve, we are passionate about science. We ensure that our products are of the highest quality and science-backed to help improve your gut health. With scientists from universities including MIT, Stanford, UC Davis, and professionals from the FDA working on the Thryve team, we hope to empower people with our technology.


Our Scientific Advisors

Our Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts. We work with them closely on our product development, recommendation logic, and to stay on top of the latest research findings.

Allison Kumar.

Executive Regulatory Affairs Advisor and previously at FDA

Carolyn Splusky Ph.D.

UC Davis Food, Microbiome and Nutrition Professor

Mitesh Rao M.D., MHS

Chief Patient Safety Officer @ Stanford Healthcare

Tim Lu Ph.D. M.D.

Professor of Synthetic Biology at MIT and Co-founder of Tango Therapeutics

Jochen Kumm, Ph.D.

Stanford, Harvard, IBM, and Roche Computational Biologist

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