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The gut houses nearly 100 trillion microbes that are potentially more influential to your wellness than genetics. Our exclusive state-of-the art testing is not available at your traditional doctors office and finds up to roughly 90% of microbes.

By testing a small piece of your stool you’ll uncover how these microbes affect who you are and how you feel.


Feed your bacteria targeted fibers

Reports made simple that you can actually understand. Deep dive into your microbes and find out how they influence the way you think, look, and feel. Receive scientifically backed insights, discoveries, and information about you.


Supplements tailored for your health

Remove the confusion on probiotics. We design, engineer, and manufacture all-natural, soy/lactose/gluten-free, and premium probiotics for your health & wellness.

Our probiotics are manufactured by ISO 9001/22000, SGS, and GMP certified facilities.


What others are saying

Jeff Lee M.D. Gastroenterologist says:

"In an era of personalization, it’s exciting to see Thryve provide an opportunity for individuals to better understand their microbiome."

Gregg Lucksinger M.D. says:

"Over the last decade, research has made it very clear that a healthy microbiome is critical for maintaining  a healthy body. Thryve's informed use of probiotics and inexpensive tests to profile the state of the microbiome are important tools that, along with healthy diet and exercise, give us the ability to improve health and vitality."

Rita Lim-Wilby Ph.D. says:

"I'm excited to see how I can eat better, play more, and feel better with the knowledge that Thryve's data can bring. Trial and error or following diet fads are so last century. I want to know what works for me based on who I am, what's inside me, and what I eat."

Seung Eli Oh RN, BSN, CCRN says:

"The microbes in our gut is one of the fascinating areas of science we've been uncovering in the past decade. I am excited that Thryve is taking an important step to advance this field of science for consumers."

Jessica Flanigan, Clinical Nutritionist and Authority on the Autoimmune Paleo movement says:

"The human microbiome is the most important interface between the immune system and human health. We cannot make significant healing in the body without addressing the health of the microbiome"

Carrie Wong Pharm.D. says:

"I've seen how the field of pharmacogenomics has paved the way for healthcare providers to select patient-specific medications. I'm looking forward to seeing how Thryve's pivotal research on the microbiome will further the expansion of personalized therapy through enabling providers to utilize previously unavailable information towards developing targeted treatments."

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