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One small dab off the toilet paper and gain insights into your gut’s living ecosystem.


How it works

Once we receive your sample our partnered lab extracts, processes, and selectively enriches the bacterial DNA using PCR. By doing this, we are able to sequence your microbial DNA through the Illumina Sequencer for the highest quality sequence. In parallel, our proprietary bioinformatics pipeline asynchronously connects with all known public and private microbiome databases for k-mer matching of bacterial genomes to complete taxonomic references. Our method provides the ability to assign the microbial DNA down to the species level and provides insights on relative abundance. Finally, our machine learning algorithms analyze the metabolic capabilities of your gut bacteria for diet and lifestyle recommendations.

In short, we do some heavy science-y stuff and provide insightful reports on your wellness.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Stool collection method is highly important to ensure accurate and reliable readings for microbial sequencing. Our proprietary MicroStore™ liquid buffer causes microbes to be frozen in stasis to ensure no growth or death for sample preservation and higher accuracy readings.

What's in the kit

How to collect your sample

STEP 1: Register

Go to thryveinside.com/register and input your Kit ID. You can locate the Kit ID on the front of the box.

STEP 2: Sample

After your bowel movement, keep the toilet paper with your sample in hand. Grab a small piece of stool using the swab provided.
(We only need a dab of stool.)

STEP 3: Stir

Once you’ve collected the stool sample, open up the collection tube and throughly stir the swab back and forth in the tube’s stabilizing liquid.

STEP 4: Mix

Close the tube and vigorously shake for a minimum of 30 seconds so that the fecal sample is mixed with the stabilizing liquid.

STEP 5: Send

Put the tube with your sample into the plastic "sample" bag and put it into the return envelope found underneath the box divider. Place the return envelope with your outgoing mail and you are done!

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