Learn how to improve gut bacteria for better health

Our reports provide easy to understand step-by-step guides to improve your gut health.


What your bacteria say about you

Microbial Playbook

Step-by-step guide on how to influence the microbes in your body for your benefit.


Get notified on trends in your microbiome.

Metabolic Profile

Discover how microbes influence your metabolism.

Share with others

Collaborate with others and explore how to improve wellness.

Wellness Parameters

Improve your wellbeing through knowledge of your microbiome.

Contribute to science

Advance research by participating anonymously with leading scientific institutions.

What's under the hood

From the uninitiated to hardcore data geeks. The power is in your hands.

Gut Wellness Score

Set goals on overall wellness improvement. Our algorithms incorporate several parameters (Shannon diversity, probiotic ratio, pathogenic species, clinical symptoms, and many more) to calculate your wellness.

Phylum Overview

Receive at-a-glance view of your microbe makeup. Our 1000 foot snapshot view allows you to see microbes through the phylum rank, across time, over multiple samples.

Shareable Profile

Share with others and the scientific community because sharing is caring. Our easy to share features allow you to update family about improvements, challenge your friends, and provide anonymized data to research.

Sample Processing

Receive updates on your sample so you always know your estimated time to receive a report. That way, you’ll always be in the loop.

Lifestyle Journal

Log your lifestyle, treatments, supplements, symptoms, and diet to gain more insights into your microbiome. Your contributions make your reports better, help the Thyrve community, and advance science.

Microbiome Diversity Data

Dive deeper into your bacterial diversity data and gain insights into how your inner ecosystem is thriving.

Trending Alerts

Get notified on trends of your microbiome samples. If your samples start showing a decrease or increase in several categories such as probiotics, pathogenicity, or anti-inflammation, we'll alert you of the issue so you always are in control of improving your wellness.

Mycobiome Composition

Create fun through our fungal analysis. Really, we provide insights into mycobiome - the yeast within your gut.

*Additional payment applies. Available in third quarter of 2017

Bacteriophage Composition

Viruses make up more cells than bacteria, so why shouldn't we give you insights about those in your gut? Our methods are able to extract select classes of viruses and display their taxonomy for your perusal.

*Additional payment applies. Available in first quarter of 2018

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