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What is the gut microbiome, and why does it matter?

The human body houses trillions of microbes (bacteria, yeast, viruses) that have been shown to influence our mooddigestionimmune systemskinfitness, and many more. Our microbes help us digest food, regulate our immune system, produce helpful or harmful chemicals, and synthesize vitamins which are all required to maintain health & wellness.

Due to modern living with antibiotics, medications, pesticides, low-fiber diet, and other man-made chemicals, we have a less than ideal, balanced microbiome. The downstream effect results in chronic health conditions and lower quality of life. Without understanding what we can't see in our bodies, we may never know how to maintain and improve our wellness.

This is where Thryve comes into play.

How Thryve's Gut Health Test Works

Step 1:
Purchase your test

Purchase Thryve’s Gut Health Test for $99. We recommend testing at least 4 times a year to stay up-to-date on your ever-changing microbiome.

Step 2:
Provide your gut sample

In the comfort of your own home, provide your gut sample after your first bowel movement. Just a small dab off your toilet paper into our test tube and send it off in our free shipping envelope.

Step 3:
Receive personalized recommendations

In roughly 3 weeks, you’ll receive custom tailored reports about your overall health & wellness and specific recommendations for your unique biology.

Why Test Your Gut Health?

Get to know the good and bad bacteria in your body

Our software categorizes the good vs. bad bacteria in your body and how they relate to your wellness. We notify you if your gut health is trending upwards and downwards and provide dietary & supplement interventions on improvement.

Take action with diet and supplement recommendations

We provide actionable steps with specific microbiome boosting foods and where to source the ingredients with customized recipes. Prepare delicious dishes custom tailored for your unique biology.

Take action on improving leaky gut

Thryve’s i3 technology (intestinal integrity index) uses advanced algorithms to categorizes bacteria known to cause “leaky gut” to give you a snapshot of gut health. We then provide recommendations on how to improve it.*

Understand how well you digest your foods

Utilizing KEGG pathways we can determine how well your microbiome digests fats, proteins, carbs, synthesizes vitamins, and many more. We remove the guesswork from your yo-yo dieting.

Learn which probiotics strains are best suited for you

By analyzing your gut microbiome and reviewing your goals / intolerances we can determine the missing probiotics in your system and provide you ranking of all known strains and which ones will be the most beneficial for you.

Figure out which bacteria are associated with your symptoms

Our growing database of microbes are mapped with known symptomatology. We provide data on bacteria associated with your non-specific symptoms.*

*coming in mid-2017

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Thryve’s Gut Health Test

Explore the trillions of bacteria in your gut and receive scientifically-backed health, dietary, and supplement recommendations to improve areas in gastrointestinal function, weight management, mood issues, skin health, and overall fitness.

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