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Can't figure out why you can't lose weight? Or why certain foods
make you feel worse? Have you gone to your doctor to tell you that "it's all in your head"?

We've been there, that's why we created
the world's first gut health program. If you suffer from:

  • Feeling tired (even after a full night of sleep)
  • Experience skin issues
  • Are crippled by joint discomfort
  • Occasionally have trouble concentrating or racing thoughts
  • Find it hard to lose weight or gain weight easily
  • Experience sporadic mood swings or emotional ups and downs

Don’t be discouraged. Our gut health program has one goal in mind, which is to
help you look amazing and feel incredible, reverse years of aging, have energy to go all day long.

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Our Gut Health Experts

Allison Kumar.

Executive Regulatory Affairs Advisor and previously at FDA

Carolyn Splusky Ph.D.

UC Davis Food, Microbiome and Nutrition Professor

Mitesh Rao M.D., MHS

Chief Patient Safety Officer @ Stanford Healthcare

Tim Lu Ph.D. M.D.

Professor of Synthetic Biology at MIT and Co-founder of Tango Therapeutics

Jochen Kumm, Ph.D.

Stanford, Harvard, IBM, and Roche Computational Biologist

How our Gut Health Program Works

Answer a few questions on our health survey.

Sample your gut with at home with our free testing kit and mail in your sample.

Received a personalized Gut Health program.


Check out what our #gutheros have to say

I started to focus on my gut health when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and Lupus in 2014. At this point, I had taken rounds of antibiotics and I was severely underweight and malnourished. I found Thryve a few months ago and have been using the probiotic with a gut balancing diet and I have already noticed a positive impact on my digestion!

- Elizabeth A.

I just plain feel better! My gut and brain feel more cohesive. I read better. My comprehension is better, and I think better. My gut feels more relaxed. I started losing weight too. If I happen to get some grain, I take more probiotics and it helps. I recently had some food poisoning and went right to the probiotics. They just seem to ‘bless’ my gut.

- Pamela C.

Don't waste time with other probiotics. They are a one size fits all solution much like the medical establishment. Thryve probiotics are tailored for my needs and they work! I've always had issues with my weight but after going on Thryve's Gut Health Program I've been able to lose the pounds! I'm super excited to continue and see more results.

- Sally R.

It's very inspiring to learn about companies like Thryve that are looking at health from a holistic level instead of a band aid approach. I believe that wellness starts with food consumed. Understanding your genetic disposition and microbial makeup is to me the best first approach to assessing the most appropriate diet. It's great to see Thryve making this type of analysis possible and that they are aligning that with the proper probiotics.

- Helen M.

Get your free Gut Health Assessment