Completely personalized. Different than the rest

Take control of your gut bacteria to kickstart weight management, digestion, immunity, skin health, fitness, and more!

$39 / bottle


Our Difference

Effective on both small and large intestine

Our probiotics are coated with acid resistant capsules so they survive stomach acid to get the work done.

Personalized & Clinically-backed Blend

Perfectly mixed probiotic strains for optimizing health.

Longer lasting benefits for your body

Our probiotics, derived from Kefir and Healthy Sources from the gut, are less likely to be rejected by your body.

Take specific probiotics that support your personal health goals

Receive a personalized report with their benefits

Why Thryve Probiotics

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Real People, Real Stories

“I started to focus on my gut health when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and Lupus in 2014. I found Thryve a few months ago and have been using the probiotic with a gut balancing diet and I have already noticed a positive impact on my digestion!”

- Elizabeth A.

“ When I delved into the gut microbiome testing world, I was skeptical. Cost, accuracy, usefulness were all on my mind. Thryve’s testing and reporting process are beyond what I expected.”

- Boomer A.

Choose Your Gut Health Journey


$150 / kit

or $105/kit monthly

  • Your gut health test kit includes a gut health report and customized food recommendations.
Best Value


$135 / bundle

SAVE 29%

  • Your bundle includes a gut health test, gut health report, customized food recommendations, and monthly personalized probiotics.


$39 / bottle


  • Your personalized probiotics includes monthly probiotics shipped to your door.