Thryve Gut Health Program™


Thryve Gut Health Program™

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Say bye to digestive problems so you can enjoy going out again.
✓Kickstart weight loss so you can look and feel great.
Tap into unused energy reserves so you can be at 110% 

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      How it works

      Get Gut Tested

      Test your gut with Thryve’s Gut Health Test.

      Receive Personalized Plan

      Receive personalized food and probiotic recommendations.

      Improve Your Health

      Tackle your digestive, immune, weight, and mood problems.

      What’s included in your program

      Gut Health Test

      Insights and personalized diet plan to take action on improving your gut health.

      Personalized Food Recommendations

      Eat the right foods that will increase the good bacteria in your gut and weed out the bad.

      Personalized Probiotics (1 bottle)

      Support your specific Gut Health needs with personalized probiotics.

      Repair Your Gut

      Thryve's customized probiotics provides the support your gut needs by replenishing your levels of good bacteria. No more confusing grocery aisles and pseudo-science. Get the exact probiotics you need to feel great.

      Stop The Guesswork.

      No More Google Searches.

      Your Personal Dietician.

      Science At Your Fingertips.

      Why Thryve

      Comprehensive Solution

      We are the only company that offers a gut health report, personalized diet plan, and personalized probiotics.

      Reviewed by Ph.D.'s on Staff

      Receive follow-up with an expert on staff to optimize your gut health.

      Get Your Results in 2 weeks

      We guarantee a two week turnaround time or your money back.


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      Get more with our Gut Health Bundle and do what’s right for your body

      PROBIOTICS Thryve VSL#3 RenewLife Hyperbiotics Nature’s Way Align
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      • What can your Gut Health Program help me with?

        Science has shown that an unhealthy and imbalanced gut microbiome results in symptoms related to digestion, immunity, weight, mood, sleep, energy levels, and more. Our program helps you get your gut bacteria back in balance through personalized diet and probiotics.

      • How is your microbiome test different from others (Viome, uBiome, Genova, Daytwo, Sungenomics)

        1) Truly Actionable Insights: Our microbiome health report is the first of it's kind. We've utilized our own proprietary software to analyze every single microbiome research article (35,000+) and summarized 4,000 microbes (descriptions, health benefits/side effects, associated diseases, foods digested, functions, and many more) and have mapped them to 1,000+ food ingredients and 500+ supplements. In short, we have the most comprehensive actionable insights in the microbiome space.

        2) Highest Accuracy Testing Kit: Our testing kit uses a proprietary liquid buffer that keeps bacterial cells in stasis prior to extraction and provides 28% more accuracy in sequencing by providing more depth and species categorization. All other kits on the market use either a "dry swab" or "anti-microbials" in their liquid buffer to lyse the cells to stop them from growing during the transportation process (that's why AG has a bloom filter) and other's don't even account for this bias. What this means is that other testing companies are actually not showing you the true data of your sample!

        3) Personalized Probiotics: We are the first company to offer a truly personalized probiotic based on questionnaires and microbiome test results. We've spent over a year working with several clinically proven probiotic manufacturing partners to curate a large strain library. We also plan to offer prebiotic as part of the personalization of our probiotic supplement. Otherwise, please see here for additional information of how we compare to other probiotic brands.

      • What type of results have you seen with people on the program and how long does it take?

        Depending on the problem, we’ve seen customer improve their health in as little as 7 days.

      • How long does it take to get my results?

        We guarantee 2 weeks or less to get your results back.

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      Gut Health starts here

      Gut Microbiome Test Kit done at home

      Personalized dietary recommendations for foods to enjoy

      Customized probiotic supplements to replenish good bacteria

      Two week turnaround, shipped directly to your door