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General Health Probiotic

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Thryve General Health Probiotics are infused with Prebiotics and Vitamins to improve your overall health. Specifically, the probiotic strains and prebiotics in Thryve's General Health Probiotics supercharges weight management, immune health, better digestion, and many more to help you become a better you.

When ordering a Thryve Probiotic, you will also receive a login to a web dashboard for the specific strains in your formula and their health benefits and scientific sources. 

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Thryve General Health Probiotics are made with healthy human derived strains which are encapsulated in vegetarian and non-GMO casing called Hydroxy-propyl-methyl-cellulose, which helps bypass stomach acid.

• 5 Billion CFU/serving
• 3 Functional Strains | 5 Targeted Strains
• Additional Vitamin C 
• Scientifically and clinically proven to help with digestive, immune and metabolic health.


Probiotic Strains: Lactobacillus paracasei Th1, Lactobacillus paracasei Th2, Lactobacillus ruteri Tr1, Lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus fermentum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamanoses

Other: Prebiotics (Inulin), Vitamins (Vitamin C), Minerals

Contains: milk and soy

Main benefits

Gastrointestinal Support

Immune Support

Fat Burning Capacity

Skin Relief

Allergen-friendly probiotics


Nut free

Egg free

Why Thryve Probiotics

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“I take Thryve probiotics with my daily vitamin every day and noticed positive results within a few days. Not only has my constant bloating gone away, I’ve also noticed an increase in energy and focus as well as clearer skin - I didn’t even know these were benefits of probiotics! Plus, these pills are easy and painless to swallow and are an easy addition to my daily routine. An added bonus - it’s delivered to my door every month so that I don’t need to think about reordering when my bottle is finished. No more worry about forgetting to re-buy or skipping a day. Thank you for making keeping me healthy, Thryve probiotics!”

Jenny C.

Maintaing gut health is highly important to your entire body. It's always important to take a high quality probiotic that addresses your total Gut Health balance. I'm pleased to say that being on Thryve for the past 9 months has helped me acheive my gut health.

Amanda E.

Understanding your genetic disposition and microbial makeup is the best approach to assessing which diet is best fit for you. It's great to see Thryve making this type of analysis possible and that they are aligning that with proper probiotics.

Anna Z.

I'm generally pretty skeptical about probiotics and figured it to be psuedoscience. However, after trying Thryve probiotics and reading the research behind each strain I realized that the science is a lot more verified then I thought. It's great that Thryve is using hard science to break down the efficacy of probiotics. After being on the general health probiotics I noticed a significant difference in my energy levels and how well I sleep which have been issues for me. Would totally recommend.

Antonio M.

Common Questions

  • What's the clinical evidence for your probiotics?

    We partner with our probiotic research partners and use their strains in probiotics. See here for the clinical data and the ongoing clinical trial. (1) (2) (3) (4)

  • How is your probiotic different than VSL#3, Renewlife, Align, and others?

    How is your probiotic different than VSL#3, Renewlife, Align, and others?

    Thryve probiotics are different than VSL #3 through the following:

    1) Personalization - Our strains are completely customized for you based on a questionnaire and your microbiome data.

    2) Strain report - We offer a report online that describes why you are receiving each strain in your probiotic and their health benefits

    3) Price/Convenience - Thryve probiotics are affordable because we sell directly online. This also allows us to conveniently ship our probiotics to you every month on ice.

    Otherwise, please see the table above for additional information of how we compare to other probiotic brands.

  • Does Thryve probiotics bypass stomach acids?

    Yes, our capsules are made out of a vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO casing called Hydroxy-propyl-methyl-cellulose. This material allows our probiotics to bypass stomach acids and naturally be dispersed within the colon.

  • Are Thryve probiotics shipped on ice?

    Yes, each month's probiotics are shipping in our eco-friendly denim insulated mailer box with multiple ice packs.