Vaginal Health Test

Vaginal Health Test

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Thryve's Vaginal Health Test analyzes the vaginal ecosystem to combat vaginal dysbiosis resulting in bacterial vaginosis and pathogenic overgrowth increasing risk of STI’s, human papillomavirus infection, UTIs, and fertility issues. Vaginal microbiome analysis is a vital piece of a women's preventative health maintenance approach.

For those who suffer from symptoms like a burning sensation, pain following/during intercourse, pain on urination, unpleasant smell, redness or swelling, vaginal discharge, and/or recurrent UTIs.

✔ Support fertility
✔ Reduce STD and HPV risks
✔ Reduce risks for cervical cancer
✔ Protect against UTIs
✔ Encourage a healthy vaginal lining (decreases inflammation)

What’s included:
  Vaginal Health DNA Test
📱 Digital report in-app
💊 Targeted Probiotics
     (with subscription)

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Clinically Proven Health Benefits

Thryve’s Vaginal Health Sequence List

Our Science

Why Is A Healthy Vaginal Microbiome Beneficial?

No More Reoccuring UTIs

Healthy vaginal ecosystems help prevent pathogenic growth that contribute to painful intercourse, foul smells, frequent urination, itching, discharge, and more.

Lower Your Risk of Infections

Strain-specific probiotic bacteria manipulate vaginal pH levels to lower the risk of contracting STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HPV.

Get Your Fertility Back

A vaginal microbiome abundant in protective Lactobacillus bacteria is less likely to develop vaginal dysbiosis or bacterial vaginosis, both contributors to infertility and preterm labor. 

How It Works

Create Your Account

It's simple, hassle-free, and takes only a few minutes.

Set Your Health Profile

You can adjust any personal information. Now, you can rest easy knowing you're one step closer to better vaginal health.

Activate Your Kit

It's quick and easy. Set up your dashboard with your unique Kit ID # and get started today.

Get Your Results!

It takes our lab about 2-4 weeks to sequence your sample and send you your results. You'll learn how to create and maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome.

Explore the Vaginal Health App

Insights into the dominant Lactobacillus species and how they determine the health of the vaginal ecosystem. Take action with our food recommendations.


  • What can your Vaginal Health Test help me with?

    Science has shown that an unhealthy and imbalanced vaginal health results in symptoms related to a burning sensation, pain following or during intercourse, pain on urination, an unpleasant smell, redness or swelling, vaginal discharge, and recurrent UTIs. Our program helps you get your vaginal health back in check through a personalized diet and probiotics.

  • What bacteria strains would you need to test for?


  • How is your Vaginal Health Test different from others (Ellen, Saforelle, Monistat)?

    1) Truly Actionable Insights: Our Vaginal Health Test is the first of its kind...

    2) Highest Accuracy Testing Kit: Our testing kit...

    3) Personalized Probiotics: We are the first company to offer...

  • How long does it take to get my results?

    We guarantee 2 weeks or less to get your results back.

  • What type of results have you seen with people on the program and how long does it take?

    Depending on the problem, we’ve seen Customer's improve their health in as little as 7 days.