Take control of your gut health through targeted probiotics

Our high-quality probiotics have enhanced survivability profile, fifteen plus strains, and 100 billion CFU count per serving. Delivered on ice right to your door.


Our probiotic strains survive better than other probiotics

Probiotics need to make the trip from the mouth, down the esophagus, past the stomach acid, through the small intestine, and finally to the colon where they can confer health benefits. Fortunately, if your stomach works it keeps bad critters out, but also digests anything you put in your mouth - including probiotics.

Our patented probiotics have been tested against stomach acids, small intestine transit, attachment to colon cells, synergy with immune system, and improved storage stability to ensure the majority of bacteria reach where they need to unscathed. In short, we make sure what you take is actually working.

Our probiotics contain 2x strains than other probiotics

Diversity is key to finding a powerful and useful probiotic. Our fifteen strain probiotics have shown to enhance efficacy and improve many areas health & wellness. For more detail, please visit our probiotic formula page.

Our probiotics contain 10x the bacteria per serving

Thryve probiotics contain up to 100B CFU per serving vs. OTC probiotics which contain roughly 5-10B Colony Forming Units (CFU) of bacteria per serving. CFU is a measure that determines how many bacteria are in each pill (dosage). The higher the CFU the more chance a higher percentage will survive the transit to your colon and improve your health.

Essentially, the more the better. Thus, we work hard to test our probiotics by 2 independent labs to ensure as advertised CFU counts for promised results.

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