Thryve's mission is to learn about the microbiome.

About Us

Thryve is an open and connected way to share your microbiome data, knowledge and interest with other citizen scientists. We stress the importance of leading a healthy life, but we also understand how hard it is to start. Staying on a "healthy" diet or exercising are common steps, but do they really make you feel better? We are changing the ambiguity of wellness into something transparent and actionable.

Microbiome science is still at the cusp of making amazing discoveries about the human body. However, scientific research needs to speed up by an order of magnitude to make an impact on how we look, think, and feel. Thryve provides the platform where citizen scientists, academic researchers, and pharmaceutical companies alike can come together and uncover meaningful insights about the microbiome.

Meet The Team

Richard Lin

CEO & Cofounder

Sang Han

CTO & Cofounder

Jun Kim, Ph.D.

CSO & Cofounder

Jonathan Hasson

Visual Designer

Sam Ordonia

Back-end Developer

Derek Nguyen

Product Manager

Nishant Mehta Ph.D. Candidate


Ericca Steele

Marketing Ninja Manager

Daniel Lin

Front-End Developer


Alireza Masrour

Strategic Advisor

Jochen Kumm, Ph.D.

Bioinformatics Advisor

Barclay Loftus

Technical Advisor


Plug And Play

Pivot North Capital

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